Look at this amazing garden tote my mom made for me. I feel very chic loading it up with zukes and artichokes. She is an incredible knitter–and actually makes me stuff that I wear. Way to go, mom!

Look at the cool handles!

My mom knitted this tote bag for my vegetables

Cheddar cauliflower

Cheddar cauliflower

I just got back from Thanksgiving in VA with the fam, and things are happening in the garden. For an obsessive like me, who can’t get enough of checking the beds to see if anything has sprouted, leafed or fattened even the slightest bit, it’s delightful to be 3000 miles away for five days and return to some REAL action.

Check out my single cauliflower.

It’s of the “Cheddar” variety, which explains the orange hue. I tried a few rows of seeds, which germinated but were soon devoured by unknown bugs. I was enlighted by Tara at Silverlake Farms that I needed to check the leaves daily for “little green worms” (check.) and “tiny, off-white larvae” (check.). And that I needed to pick them off by hand and squish them. That seems to be working. Will try the seeds again, but it looks like the cabbage family plants, grown organically, are higher maintenance than I knew.

Hello, mes amis.

I’ve been away more than a month, it seems. Bad, bad cold for three weeks, then on vacation for a week and a half. The cold demanded that I lay off the milk, butter and cheese, so…There you go.

And now it’s summer so I’m looking forward to trying out some lighter side french recipes, incorporating stuff from my vegetable garden, which is jamming.

Dug up my heirloom garlics today and some maui onions. The garlic is purple, as you can see. The cloves originally bought from the happiest man on earth. This guy has a farm in Aguanca, sells his veggies and fruit at the Palisades farmers market on Sundays.

organic garlic from the gardenSuper clear-eyed, huge, gleaming smile. Talks about his vegetables with such love and respect. Anyway, that’s why we call him the happiest man on earth. He just might be.

Anyway, end of last summer I stuck a few cloves in the ground and the result you see pictured. Next time I’m raising the beds so the bulbs won’t be so constricted in the soil. This purple garlic is not too strong and is so pretty.