Not only am I making my first gratin tonight, with leeks, but I’m attempting another sauce–béchamel. Hopefully I won’t have to re-do as I did with the béarnaise. So…tonight’s menu includes the gratin, a big green salad with vinaigrette, crusty bread, butter and cornichons (of which I might even make little fans, like they do in the restaurants).

If you’re wondering why I’m cooking on the light side tonight, it’s because I’ve got two major efforts coming up Friday night (guinea pigs are Mark and Ed):

cream of leek soup, coq au vin, lyonnaise pommes de terre and salad

and Sunday night (guinea pigs are Deborah, Eric, Dari, Fernando and Mark, of course):

butternut squash soup (the same recipe I made before, request by Deborah), roast chicken, gratin dauphinois, and a fruit dessert.

So stay tuned! More to come tonight.