n.b. Check out the photos to my previous post “Julia! Julia! Julia!” You can see the final version of my steak with béarnaise sauce.

Hello, dear readers. I’ve returned from New York after a whirlwind weekend with my dear friends Janet and Jess. There was much shopping and eating and shopping and tarot card readings and shopping and drinking in dark bars and Janet was excited to play her new favorite game “Big Buck Hunter” at the dive around the corner.

It took me a while to get used to operating the little green plastic pump shotgun correctly but after four tries I did manage to knock out two and I have to admit, the game is pretty invigorating. Janet, by the way, is super good at Big Buck Hunter. Right on the money. As we left the bar, she said “It’s ok. They’re not real. It’s just about hand-eye coordination.”

Scallops at JulietteSo both J and J knew about my exercise in cuisinierie, so Friday night we went to a new Frenchy place in Brooklyn called Juliette. Which was very cute, but for all of us, sort of disappointing. The frites were kind of floppy and the moules mariniere (by the way, does anyone out there know how to make an accent grave on a mac?) were served almost cold. Bummer.

But our seared scallops and beets topped in caviar dish (poorly pictured left), and the pork tenderloin with gnocchi were pretty yummy (though not French-tasting, per se) and chocolate fondant cake was delish. Chocolate fondant cake, by the way, was everywhere in the restaurants we visited. Must be a thing now.

Saturday night we went to the Flea Market Cafe on Avenue A.


For appetizers, we split a delicious green salad and a jar of duck liver pate, with cornichons, dijon mustard and crusty bread. Then there was yummy duck confit (not too salty, with a crispy brown skin) and a just-right coq au vin. All washed down with a nice cotes du rhône. Creme brulée for dessert. It was very authentic, with no free-wheeling in the kitchen. Just what I was looking for. And set me on a course to attempt a similar coq au vin dish. I haven’t planned dinner for tomorrow night but better get on it. A plus tard!

Janet, Jess and Bettunya at Flea Market Cafe

Photo of Janet, Jess and Bettunya by our waitress at Flea Market Cafe. Merci, Waitress!