Bonjour, mes amis. As some of you know, during my break from work I’ll be attempting to hone my French cooking skills, the process of which will be documented here for your edification and amusement.

Actually, the process began after returning from a sophomore year semester abroad in Tours, France where I first experienced authentic French country cuisine. My French maman, Mme Renaud, prepared wonderful meals for the family and was determined that I experience EVERYTHING from the French table.

I’m not going to start waxing kitsch about Monsieur Renaud’s wine cellar or Mme’s cherry clafoutis — or her hipping me to the amazing flavors of organ meats (without ever confessing what it was before I’d tasted) or her insanely delicious coq au vin. Because I want to get started. I dedicate this blog to Mme Renaud, a fine lady of Tours.